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Our Work

Research, Development, Deployment & Support


Research is the most key ingredient for any product development. We spend nearly half of our manpower on research activities at any given time. We study and understand various industry standard technologies out there, especially in open source communities. Thus we avoid reinventing wheel, and stand on the shoulders of the giants. Key areas of focus are IP Telephony, inter-process communications, Networking, WebRTC, Speech Recognition, Data Science, Solar Controllers, etc. We train and encourage our engineers to think out of the box, think from first principles, re-learn mathematics, and develop a critical eye and clarity of thought to see and understand everything from a clear perspective.


We design & develop products based on the foundation of our research output. We have created Medical information exchange rule engines, IVR engines with Speech/DTMF/TTS, Voice Recorders, Screen Recorders, Session Border Controllers, Universal queues (call/chat/email/FB/twitter/sms), Messaging framework, Dialers, CallVerifiers, etc. Every one of these products are cloud enabled and require no special hardware to run. We have developed a modular design philosophy that abstracts all the common features of various products into common modules, which results in very less repetition and maximum reuse of common functionalities. Thanks to this, any new product development doesn't start from scratch, but around 50 percent. Redundancy and load balancing are key features of our core design, every component interacts with other component via role based messaging, using the swarm intelligence routing. This lets us add/remove components in the installation hive dynamically.


Deployment of the above products for various applications needs top notch domain experience as well as product familiarity. We usually have product architects and developers involved in end users deployment, which is practically unheard of in enterprise solutions. But our rather unusual practice results in high domain knowledge for product architects and developers, as well as high quality/reliability for the deployment and high satisfaction for the customers. We can pass the buck to no one. We rotate our engineers through Testing, Deployment and Development on a regular basis. This has resulted in high degree of synergy as the Developer knows firsthand how it will be tested and deployed. As a result our engineers do not suffer the "It works in my machine" syndrome.


Products need support, often on 24x7 basis. We have 24x7 phone support catering to different SLAs. Unlike large companies, our customers are not led through an endless maze when it comes to complex field problems. We have highly trained support professionals available on chat/email channels to take care of customer needs. If the first level support can't solve the problem within the time specified in the SLA, the problem gets escalated to product development team.