About - Telenetix

The Company

Telenetix was established in 2004 to provide high-end niche research, development and support services to Interlink Network Systems, USA. As a company founded by a techie and run by techies, we only deal with technologies that interest us. Telenetix's research focus is in areas like TDM telephony (E1/T1), Computer Telephony, IP telephony, IVR, Speech recognition, Text-to-speech, audio/video logging, Interface engines, workflow engines, etc. Telenetix's research activities comprise a mix of strategic basic research, applied research and pre-product development research.

Being primarily a research and development center, Telenetix has carved an unique niche in the Indian software and telecommunications arena. Telenetix has taken a high level view of the communications services space by combining key basic research with engineering expertise to create innovative solutions. Telenetix has strong expertise in the areas of distributed systems and service oriented architectures, particularly when applied to the telecommunications domain.

The Scenic Location

Telenetix is currently located near the scenic town of Manipal with the mighty western ghats (see the picture above) as background. Located in coastal Karnataka, just 10Kms away from the beach, Manipal has one of the most cosmopolitan environments only major metros can provide. Only 65Kms away from the closest airport with direct daily flights to many major Indian cities and Gulf countries. It is about 9 hours drive from Bangalore. The closest traffic signal is about 70Kms away. Since this location is situated upon a hill, one can enjoy fresh mountain air all the time. The cost of living is very low, and there is neither traffic nor pollution. Manipal is a very famous campus town with more than 25 colleges with students from 51 countries and practically from every state in India. Nobody would be an outsider here.