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Love programming? So do we.

Thank you.

We have completed our current round of recruitment for the year 2017 and therefore not accepting any more resumes. Thank you for the overwhelming response to our recent call for resumes.

We are always looking for fresh graduates who love programming. It shouldn't be just a high paying job for you, we want somebody who will use the facilities to constantly improve themselves, capable of self-learning and bug the boss for new books. We are looking for people who have natural curiosity to dig wider and deeper into various technology areas without any prodding. We want people who have learnt C/C++ in a real sense, which is beyond what is normally taught in colleges. We are looking for people who can actually write a real program without referring to books.

Selection Criterion

We are interested in your programming abilities and not academic records. Your resume should list and describe your project work (academic or otherwise) in C/C++. Resumes that do not sufficiently prove your proficiency in C/C++ will not be considered. Only short listed candidates will be contacted and invited for a C/C++ programming test. The pass rate of our programming test is only about three percent. Please note this is not a multiple choice test. You will be given one or more programming assignments that you are supposed to solve using C or C++ within the stipulated time.

You will be asked to either write the test on paper or on PC. In case of later, you have to code, compile & successfully execute the program within the given time in order to pass the test. You should know how to process command line parameters, understand C/C++ memory management, pointer arithmetic and have good programming ability. You can't pass this test by question spotting or by memorising. You can pass this test only by being a good programmer. The test is not really tough if you have spent at least a month on C programming in your academic project. You can also pass this test if you practice for a week with any C book and C compiler and have aptitude for programming.